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August 14, 2012

Unique Sigma Beauty Products

Sigma Beauty offers an array of products for people to choose from, but the Top 5 products that are “Uniquely Sigma” are picked out. 

The Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit comes with 12 must-have brushes to start or add on to your makeup brush collection. All the brushes are constructed with Sigmax HD filament and come in a convenient cup holder to travel with or to store your brushes. This is a great set to market to your Eco-conscious viewers, as the materials are 100% Vegan friendly! The kit also comes in a Travel Version ($59) featuring 7 of the original Mrs. Bunny brushes.

Our newest product is meant to fulfill your every brow need. With 15 pieces, you can arch, shape & groom your brows with the help of this one kit! Highlights of the kit include a scissors, tweezers, stencils, brow powders, brow gel, highlight and brow pencil, brow brush and pencil sharpener. Sigma is also releasing video tutorials which teach you the different uses for the tools included in the kit. These tutorials are a great to show you the variety of looks you can achieve.

This revolutionary product dries & reshapes your brushes in 4-6 hours. It is a must have accessory which helps in prolonging the life of your brushes. Brush care is very important in supporting the longevity of your cosmetic brush investments.

The Performance Eyes Kit is the perfect assortment of brushes for the precise application of liquid, cream and powder eye products. This set was designed for advanced makeup artistry, but is a fabulous addition for anyone’s kit from beginner to advanced. The kit includes 8 brushes used for: lining, tight-lining, lining the waterline, smudging, blending, and shading the crease, inner corners and lids. Although anyone can use this kit, it is perfect for those with a smaller set of eyes.

5. Flat Angled F88 Kabuki ($16) & P88 Precision ($14) 
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These two brushes are the newest addition to Sigma Beauty's Sigmax Synthetic line. A blend between the F80/P80 ($16/$14) and F84/P84 ($16/$14). The F88 and P88 brushes are great for liquid and cream products, especially on hard to reach areas of the face, more specifically, the cheekbones and contours of the nose. These are a great set of brushes to recommend to first time Sigma users. You can purchase the brushes individually, as a Complete Kit ($119), or in their respective kits: Synthetic Kabuki Kit ($69) and Precision Kit ($59).